Je Joue Hera Rabbit Vibrator - Fuscia
Je Joue Hera Rabbit Vibrator - Fuscia
Je Joue Hera Rabbit Vibrator - Fuscia
Je Joue Hera Rabbit Vibrator - Fuscia
Je Joue Hera Rabbit Vibrator - Fuscia

Je Joue Hera Rabbit Vibrator - Fuscia

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The iconic Rabbit - redesigned.

Hera is the world's softest, sleekest rabbit vibrator. The soft, squishy tip provides deep, rumbly vibrations directly to your G-Spot, while the flexible thumb stimulates more of your external clitoris, for the ultimate blended orgasm. 

Hera is a rabbit vibrator that can do it all. Soft, squishy silicone this sexy toy is one you'll want to use again and again. Hera's motor is designed to vibrate at an ultra-low frequency to give our signature Je Joue oh-so-low rumbling vibrations. These vibrations travel further through the body, accessing more internal nerve endings and pleasure points, for a totally mind-blowing, full-body orgasm.

  •  Base diameter: 50.8 mm/ 5.08 cm
  • Circumference: 114.3 mm / 11.43 cm
  • Insertable Length: 101.6 mm/ 10.16 cm
  • Length: 190.5 mm / 19.05 cm

With its sleek and ergonomical design, Hera can arouse your G-spot and clitoris simultaneously. Offering spongy but direct G-spot stimulation along with a broad clitoral stimulator, you can enjoy the best of the deep rumbling vibrations for combined orgasmic bliss.

How to use Hera Rabbit Vibrator

Step 1- Get started

Begin using Hera externally to warm up. With a small amount of water-based lube over the spongy tip of the rabbit "ears" (or clitoral stimulator), massage your clitoris. There is a separate pattern that only uses the motor of the ears so you can concentrate on this area.

Step 2- Enjoy

You can now use the spongy tip of the G-spot arm to massage your vaginal opening until you are aroused enough to enter mindfully. Enjoy the flexibility of the clitoral stimulator as you rock the rabbit to hit your G-spot.

Step 3- Explore

Depending on your mood you might decide you only want clitoral or G-spot vibrations at any given time. So make sure you explore the different patterns and strengths by clicking through the settings and volume buttons. 

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