balldo™ Scores First XBIZ Award, Cosmopolitan Review

(Los Angeles, CA / January XX, 2022) -- balldo™ (, the world’s first dildo that boldly utilizes the testicles to enjoy a new kind of penetrative sex - ‘ballsex’ - is celebrating a slew of exciting professional triumphs one year on from the Nadgerz Inc. brand’s official debut.

The brilliantly designed ball dildo recently won its very first XBIZ Award for Innovative Pleasure Product of the Year, and received an enthusiastic review from women’s lifestyle bible Cosmopolitan documenting the author’s successful quest to achieve the elusive ‘ballgasm’.

“Exactly one year after introducing the balldo™ to curious attendees of the 2021 ANME/XBIZ Show, I am pleased to announce that we are officially the creators of an award-winning pleasure device that offers a one-of-a-kind sensation like nothing else on the market,” said Nadgerz Inc. CEO Jerry Davies, who invented and designed the product.

“The testicles, with more than 6,000 nerve endings, are quite often overlooked when it comes to sexual intercourse; with balldo™ we took great care - and take great pride - in offering a product for guys who may be less well endowed, live with premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, or simply want to engage in an all-new way to enjoy pleasure.”

balldo™ is designed and created using body-safe, smooth and sturdy silicone in the form of a cage-type enclosure and narrowed tip that is rigid enough for penetration and repeated thrusting by its patented inner core and comes with spacer rings to accommodate the shape and size of the testicles.

In addition to Cosmopolitan, balldo™ has also been featured in Vice, InsideHook, Girly Juice, Mel Magazine, Medium, BoingBoing, Something Awful and many more media outlets since its debut. Those who wish to get in on the ‘ballsex’ revolution can learn more about using the device via the company’s YouTube instructional and client testimonial videos.

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Launched in 2021 with the goal of introducing the balls to couples’ play, balldo™ is the world’s first ball dildo that allows men to specifically penetrate their partners with their testicles to which gives  an intensely satisfying new sexual experience - ‘ballsex’, with the reward  of a new type of orgasm - the  ‘ballgasm’.

After three years of extensive development, testing and the creation of 100 user-friendly prototypes, the Balldo™ is now ready to achieve liftoff for those who have sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

The balldo™ is internationally patent-pending and is the first in a long line of ball-centric products that parent company Nadgerz Inc and company CEO Jerry Davies has planned to bring to the market over the coming months. To learn more, visit

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