Single Spacer Ring Black
Single Spacer Ring Black

Single Spacer Ring Black

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If you have a little extra skin at the top of your scrotum you can make your Balldo or Viballdo longer by adding additional Single Spacer Rings.

The aim of the game is to make your Balldo or Viballdo as rigid as possible for penetration by using the spacer rings to brace the Balldo or Viballdo against your abdomen - making it stiff like an erection. Whether it be one - or ten rings (yes we have seen ten!) The single spacer rings add an extra dimension to how your balls feel and how deep they can penetrate. 

You can of course use our  Single Spacer Rings on their own without a Viballdo or Balldo - they are great for edging or ball-stretching and are nice and firm and weighty and much easier to get on and off than a stainless steel ball weight.

To learn how to use the Balldo - please read our FAQ section here.

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