Viballdo Set Black
Viballdo Set Black
Viballdo Set Black
Viballdo Set Black
Viballdo Set Black
Viballdo Set Black
Viballdo Set Black

Viballdo Set Black

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The World's 1st VIBRATING Ball-Dildo - penetrate and stimulate your partner with your balls!

We are back with 'The Viballdo™', the world’s first vibrating ball-dildo that lets wearers penetrate with their balls but also allows them to receive enhanced stimulation for both themselves and their partner from a powerful 10 - program vibrator motor buried in the soft tip.

Stimulation for you and your partner - inside or out!

Not only does the patented Viballdo™ vibrate in the tip, but also down each of the legs that surround the scrotum giving pleasure around the scrotal raphe (that funny seam down the centre of your balls!).

Both you and your partner experience these vibrations whether you use the Viballdo for penetration or you use it outside and rub it against her pleasure zones when using your original bang stick for penetration!

Solo play!

The Viballdo is perfect for solo play, put it on your balls with your comfortable level of spacer rings, lube up and slowly move you hand up and down over the tip and your balls - feel the Viballdo's deep vibrations inside your balls as your hand movement triggers the 1000's of nerve endings in your balls skin.... WARNING this ball-edging can lead to an explosive orgasm without the need to touch your OG bang stick!

Erectile Dysfunction? YOU SHOULD TRY THIS

Viballdo can be used as a stimulating penis substitute - giving pleasure to you the wearer as well as your partner..... without the need for an erect penis.

We listened to your feedback........

Over the last 12 months we have taken onboard all of our customers'
feedback  from the Balldo™ and we have rolled all these improvements into The Viballdo™. 

Stretchier Silicone!

The Viballdo™  is made from a stretchier grade of silicone to make the Viballdo™ easier to get on and off.

It Vibrates!

The Viballdo™ has 10 vibration programs at the touch of a button and comes with a lithium rechargeable battery buried in the tip. Just plug into a USB port, charge up and enjoy!


Longer Tip - Shorter Cage!

The Viballdo™ cage is 10mm shorter in length making your balls sit much more naturally in the soft cage. The tip of the Viballdo™ is also longer - allowing for deeper penetration and vibration.

Softer Rounded Tip!

The Viballdo™ has a new silicone formulation that is also softer making it less intimidating for partners .

You asked for the Balldo to be Black - 

The Viballdo™ is Black!

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